Sidney Dairy Barn


We invite you to come to Sidney and enjoy the 
World's Best Ice Cream.  
Join your friends and neighbors at the Sidney Dairy Barn.  
Our ice cream tastes just like the old-fashioned, hand-cranked special treat you remember.  
We make our many ice cream creations from only the 
freshest ingredients.  
We have plenty of picnic tables to enjoy your selection, 
and a large lawn with our own creek and hill to explore.  Located on the west side of Sidney, it is just a few minutes from your house to the Sidney Dairy Barn.​​

 It is August and that means "Back to School" Month!   
We have some taste tempting

specials for the week of

August 14th - 20th.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for details...that week, Featured Flavors will change every two days!  That is all you will get out of me.