Sidney Dairy Barn


                     Cones/Cups:  kiddie, regular and large cake cones

                              Waffle cones

                       Banana Splits


​              Barn Busters


      Floats & Freezes are made with soda

    Shakes and Malts

  Ice Cream Sandwiches

                 We are known for our Tornadoes!

 Tornadoes are Ice Cream swirled with toppings at high velocity! 

*We serve Peanuts and pecans here, so if you have a nut allergy, please let us know at time of order*

                                          **Pecans added to your order are $1 extra**


​     Watching your sugar?  Try our No Sugar Added Ice Cream:

                                                                       Vanilla or Butter Pecan (limited availability)

            Need a non-dairy treat?

                 We have Coconut Milk Ice Cream and Italian Ice

                  Are you interested in showing your love of The Sidney Dairy Barn?  

                             We have t-shirts, Barn Bag coolers & Bumper Stickers